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About Blue Dart

Blue Dart is South Asia’s leading courier, transportation, and distribution organization that has served millions of people across the globe. Blue Dart India currently serves over 55,000 Indian locations, 220 countries & territories.

The organization provides a wide range of services, including Blue Dart courier, air express, supply chain solutions, freight forwarding, etc. It has a trusted name to take along with other players in this industry, including DHL or FedEx, and so on.

How to Track a Blue Dart Package?

Blue Dart courier tracking is available for 45 days from the date of dispatch. To track Blue Dart courier, you need a waybill or order ID.

Blue Dart Tracking Using Waybill

  • Get the waybill number and enter it into the Track Dart section.
  • Enter one or more waybill numbers, separated from commas.
  • Cross-check the Blue Dart number for accurate tracking and hit Enter. In no time, the tracking details will be with you.

Blue Dart Tracking Using Order ID

  • Enter the order’s Blue Dart tracking ID or reference number.
  • Cross-check it once and then hit Enter. Blue Dart courier tracking details will be provided instantly.

What Does the Blue Dart Track Number Look Like?

Blue Dart tracking number is a combination of 8-11 digits arranged in a unique pattern. Each tracking number, essential to perform Blue Dart Tracking after shipment, is different.

The number of digits in the tracking number depends on the type of delivery you have booked with Blue Dart Courier. For instance, a 9-digit Blue Dart Tracking no is mostly for packages, while 8 and 10-digit tracking number is allotted to every other uncommon delivery.

Blue Dart tracking number 11 digits Example:

How to Track a Blue Dart Package Without a Tracking Number?

The easiest way for Blue Dart tracking online without a tracking number is using the waybill number. You can also contact Blue Dart customer care for more details about your shipment.

Why You Can't Track Your Blue Dart Package?

If you’re unable to track the Blue Dart package, it’s possible reason could be that you’re tracking it too early or too late. You can only track any package when it’s shipped or goes into the shipping stage. Also, the Blue Dart order tracking facility is only available 45 days post-shipping.

If you’re trying to track after this, failure is a certain thing. You may also fail to track any Blue Dart courier if you have entered the wrong details.

Lost and Missed Blue Dart Deliveries

Blue Dart Express Limited is a reliable courier company with a great reputation, like its peer Aliexpress, DHL, Amazon, and VRL.

Even though its delivery network is super strong and has responsible delivery agents, some errors are bound to happen, and a few shipments often get lost or missed. In that case, we recommend contacting Blue Dart customer care support and putting forward your concerns.

How Long Does Blue Dart Take to Deliver?

Predicting Blue Dart delivery time is not possible as it depends upon several factors like distance between To and From destinations, type of courier service available, the weight of the package, and working hours.

For instance, a within Delhi shipment with an Express shipping service will deliver faster than international shipments. However, the average delivery time taken by Blue Dart is between 2 to 15 days. We recommend you have your Blue Dart AWB tracking number handy and track the delivery. You can do Blue Dart shipping tracking anytime and from anywhere.

What Time Does Blue Dart Deliver?

Blue Dart operates 7 days a week and will deliver your package during work hours of 8 am and 5 pm. It doesn't deliver only on national holidays.

Types of Services by Blue Dart

You can enjoy a wide range of services with Blue Dart Express LTD.

Domestic Priority

You can ship urgent packages with the promise of timely delivery with the Domestic Priority service of Blue Dart. The service includes facilities like delivery across India, pick-up from location, real-time tracking, and so on.

Dart Apex

Enjoy door-to-door day-defined delivery with the Dart Apex facility. You can ship articles weighing up to 10 kg using this service.

Dart Surfaceline

Want to ship urgent goods at an affordable rate? Try Blue Dart Surfaceline service. Theirs door-to-door courier service is available in over 35,000 Indian locations for shipments weighing 10 kg and above.

Dart Plus

Dart Plus is an economical trucking solution for Blue Dart customers. With time-bound delivery, this service will help you move urgent goods with unmatched safety.

Airport to Airport

It is a highly dependable air freight service available only for selected Indian cities, including Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.


Want to ship urgent goods at an affordable rate? Try Blue Dart Surfaceline service. Theirs door-to-door courier service is available in over 35,000 Indian locations for shipments weighing 10 kg and above.


Blue Dart helps international airlines to have seamless operations in India with its interline service.

Smart Box

Blue Dart Smart Box service helps its customers to get economical yet robust packaging solutions. This service has two box sizes: 10 kg and 25 kg.

Express Pallet

To provide a strong packaging option, Blue Dart offers Express Pallet. It's a special wood-free palletized packaging, which can be 'built' to accommodate shipment as small as 50 kg or as large as 100 kg plus.

International services

Blue Dart offers multiple services like Express Easy Box 8, DHL Express Worldwide (DOC), DHL Express Easy Box 6, and door-to-door delivery of international documents and packages. The service offers access to 220 countries and territories worldwide and the extensive.

Temperature Controlled Logistics

To cater to specific needs, Blue Art offers Temperature Controlled Logistics services for delivering goods that must be stored at temperatures like - 20°C, 2 - 8°C, and 15 - 25°C.

Price Finder Blue Dart

Have trouble learning the Blue Dart courier charges? Use the Price Finder tool of Blue Dart. The tool makes it easy to have an estimate of Blue Dart charges. Just enter the asked details correctly to get accurate results.

Banned commodities of Blue Dart

Before you plan to avail of the cost-effective and swift Blue Dart courier tracking service, take note of stuff that is not allowed. You can’t ship commodities like harmful chemicals, fireworks, drugs, currency, radioactive materials, and precious and semi-precious articles. Dry ice and many other items are banned by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security from using the Blue Dart courier service.

Blue Dart Customer Care Number

The Blue Dart toll-free numbers are 1860 233 1234 / 022 6260 1234 / 044 6634 4600. You can also consider these numbers as Blue Dart complaint numbers. You can also write them at Blue Dart helpline email [email protected]. The customer team is available around the clock and attentive enough to respond immediately to all your queries.

How do I Contact Blue Dart Delivery?

Bluedart Tracking India offers reliable customer support to handle all your queries and concerns.

You can easily contact the customer care team at Blue Dart contact numbers:

  • 1860 233 1234
  • 022 6260 1234
  • 044 6634 4600

The representative may ask you about the Bluedart tracking number while trying to help you.

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